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For over 20 years, we've been helping our clients achieve EXTRAORDINARY results; and we're here for you. 

To help you maximize your full potential and achieve your goals, we're offering

  • Life Coaching for personal development!
  • Business Coaching to start a profitable business! 
  • Inspirational Products designed to help you thrive!

As your professional coach, it’s our passion to work with you and help YOU:

  • Define your vision
  • Set specific goals
  • Develop a strategic plan to succeed
  • Help you move into a state of peak performance
  • And achieve EXTRAORDINARY results!

That’s how you win and thrive! That's how you create a life and a business you love! That’s when you start living life on your own TERMS instead of living life for everyone but yourself! And that’s when taking a big deep breath comes easy–perhaps for the very first time in years and years! YES! Imagine that!

Ready to transform your life and your business?

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  • “Thank you for your generous gift of time and inspiration to our board members and spouses!  We were all inspired, uplifted and appreciative of all the lessons learned from THAT HAPPINESS GUY! It was the highlight of our annual appreciation dinner!” 

    ~Tom Steinbrenner, Chairman

  • “James proves that he’s a born leader and shows us how he didn’t let any obstacle stand in his way! Better yet, he’s proven that he has the talent and the skills to show everyone how to adopt his winner’s mentality.”

    ~Jennifer Garner, Teacher

  • “James knows how to energize and inspire an audience; and his HAPPINESS presentation was a big hit! I highly recommend James to anyone!”

    ~ Sarah Bruno, Event Planner

  • “I was completely STUCK, yet I knew I was capable of a lot more and it was like I was just coasting along. James literally changed my life! Everyone asks me why I’m so happy and the answer is easy: James Justin!”

    ~ Ashley Miller, Orlando, FL

  • “The strategies you gave us are priceless. Ever since your presentation, everyone’s walking a little taller, and smiling a lot more!” 

    ~ Stephanie Carlson
    President of La Vie, Inc.