10 Keys to lasting Success

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What does Success means to you…?  While you’re thinking about it, here’re 10 keys to lasting success to get you started.  These keys are adopted from Harvard Medical School Health Publications…

1.1.Believe in your goals when others Doubt.
2.Develop a winning team when others destroy their Team.
3.Decide on a winning strategy while others Delay.
4.Proceed while others Procrastinate.
5.Celebrate every win while others complain.
6.Save while others Spend.
7.Listen while others Talk.
8.Smile while others Scowl.
9.Commend while others Criticize.
10.Commit to continued growth and development while others stop learning.  Learn as much as you can and take action as often as necessary to win while others Loaf.

Success is any achievement of a definite aim.  It’s a favorable desired outcome or result.

Question… What obstacle preventing your success?

If you’re ready to pursue lasting success, let’s get started now!