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“Stress is a state of mind… When you change the way you look things; the things you look at change.” —Wayne Dyer

Every day, we deal with many kinds of stress, from every aspect of our lives. We face stressors such as raising a disable child, looking out older parents, financial crisis just to name a few. But sometimes an event or series of events overwhelms us to the point where we feel we just can’t deal with it.

I have developed a proven way to relieve you of stress, not only during difficult times, but also in the triggers that stress us every day. My book MINDSET reveals further steps to not only control your stress, but use it toward explosive success in life and in business! CLICK HERE to get a copy of your MINDSET book!

One of the best ways to eliminate stress in your life is to write down your stressors. I called this process therapeutic journaling. It’s FREE therapy; and it’s effective.

Write It Down!

As miraculous as our minds are at absorbing and sorting information, sometimes we get overwhelmed…there is SO MUCH STRESS!

As discussed in earlier blogs—and more extensively in my latest book, MINDSET—when you make a habit of writing things down (some call it journaling) especially things that are bothering you, and during trying and difficult times, it helps your brain organize and rationalize your thoughts.

Quite often, things that appeared overwhelming on the surface suddenly become manageable when you actually see that the situation is not as bad as your thoughts had imagined, once you have written them down. Journaling is a great way to express yourself and organize your thoughts.

Even if you don’t like writing, you can still journal. You can express yourself artistically or dictate your thoughts and feelings using your smart phone. For example, my ten years old son who’s diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) journals by drawing his thoughts, feeling and behaviors instead of writing them down. You can use whatsoever work bests for you.

In your journal, don’t forget to write down the things you are grateful for. We often overlook our blessings when dealing with stress in difficult times.

It’s important to count your blessings each day… Being grateful is a critical part in creating a happy life.

The process of meditating on your blessings and being grateful to others will empower you to see life in a fresh and new way.

Your perspective determines your reality. As you continue to renew your mind and pursue your goals, your life will be transformed. Therefore, I encourage you to count your blessings daily, give thanks to God and those who helped you along the way. This will help you eliminate harmful stress in your life.

I recently received a testimonial from a former client, informing me of the idea for his first book, and thanking MINDSET for showing him how to transform his life:

“After I first talked to Coach James during my consultation, I was immediately encouraged and wanted to read EVERYTHING he had written! Coach James suggested I start with his book MINDSET. It changed my life!

I immediately started a daily journal. At first, I was just listing everything that was upsetting me and stressing me out. But after a while (following the steps in MINDSET) I started to see that many of the things I thought were contributing to my “overwhelming” stress were actually very manageable. I was able to categorize things in my mind, and deal with them much more effectively. And now I am working on my first book! Thank you, Coach James!”

3 Best Reasons to Keep a Journal (Especially in Difficult Times)

1. It helps to organize your thoughts. Quite often after you have noted all the things causing you stress, you actually “see” that there really aren’t as many as you thought.

2. It helps to put things in perspective. Your mind has many ways to interpret your life’s “data.” Sometimes when you see your problems after writing them down they don’t seem as unmanageable as you mind had “conjured up.”

3. It fosters creativity. Have you ever written something down that actually sparks a new idea? Start a journal and you probably will! And it doesn’t always happen right away. Sometimes you will come across something you had written days earlier, and suddenly have a new perspective on that idea or something completely different.

Are you experiencing difficult times and sometimes wonder how you can possibly deal with the overwhelming, crushing stress?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people tell me that they are stressed out and feel overwhelmed at home and at work. In fact, many of my blog readers and coaching clients seek my help because they felt stuck, stressed out and tired at home and workplace.

I want you know that you don’t have to go through life alone. There are proven tools and strategies available to help you achieve the life of your dreams. And I’m here to help you transform your life and your business.

Are you ready to get started?

If so, visit to order your MINDSET book and to request a complimentary results coaching session today!

I look forward to helping you transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

Yours truly!

James Justin

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