3 Daily Gratitude Habits That Will Attract More Success, Joy and Happiness into Your Life

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gratitude 2“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” (Oprah Winfrey).

Yesterday, we celebrated the American Thanksgiving Holiday, with Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year just around the corner. We are officially entering into “peak gratitude season”, when we celebrate our thankfulness for all the good things in our lives. While these are great holidays to be thankful, I also advocate being grateful every day.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience that level of joy, love, and appreciation every day of the year? How would it change your life if you did?

Appreciation is one of the highest emotional states you can experience. When you cultivate gratitude, you’re able to feel true joy and contentment, no matter what you have or don’t have in your life.

Many people find that it requires great diligence to cultivate a persistent attitude of appreciation. That’s because we’ve been culturally conditioned to focus on what we don’t have, rather than appreciating what we’ve already received or achieved.

To help you combat this conditioning, here are 3 simple tips on how to make gratitude a natural part of your daily routine, so you can attract more joy and abundance into your life all year long:

  1. Take a minute each morning to thank God for being awake, alive and everything you have in your life! Starting your day this way primes you to be receptive and grateful for everything your day will bring. It also helps you cultivate a sense of positivity that makes you naturally more attractive to other positive people, and inspires them to want to help you achieve your goals.
  1. Make a conscious effort to appreciate at least 3 people every day. By letting them know how much you appreciate them, you increase their own sense of appreciation and self-worth, and encourage them to pay this positive energy forward to other people. While most people enjoy receiving verbal appreciation, written notes are also nice because they can be saved and re-read.
  1. Carry a physical token of gratitude in your pocket, such as a heart-shaped stone, crystal, or some other small item. A physical reminder can bring you back to your practice of gratitude when your mind has drifted elsewhere. As you reach into your pocket throughout the day and feel the token, use it as a reminder to stop, breathe and take a moment to fully experience the emotion of gratitude. The more conscious effort you put into seeking it out, the easier it will be to find it – and the more powerful your experience will be.

Finally, don’t forget to appreciate your OWN positive qualities and accomplishments. In addition, celebrate your big successes; acknowledge your small daily successes too!

Thanksgiving challenge: Tell me what you’re grateful for right now! To kick-start your daily gratitude practice, take a few moments to share at least 1 thing for which you’re grateful for in the comments. Even the smallest act of gratitude will have a positive impact on your life.

I look forward to reading what you have to share!

Success, Joy and Happiness!

James Justin