3 Obstacles Preventing Effective Communication

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effective-communication-cycleThere are many obstacles that can block communication. As you learn how to communicate effectively, you’ll discover how to manage and eliminate the obstacles preventing your success. I recommend that you create a list of obstacles that block your communication flow, and develop a plan of action to overcome them. Here are three obstacles to get you started:

  1. Fatigue

This can be a major obstacle blocking effective communication. Fatigue is physical or mental exhaustion that can be triggered by stress, overwork and lack of adequate sleep. When I am tired it’s harder for me to express myself effectively and listen attentively. I find it very difficult to focus when I am tired. I usually, postpone important conversations with my loved ones and clients until I am rested. Since it is important for me to pay attention to my family, friends and others, I avoid important dialogues until I am fully rested and able to communicate effectively.

  1. A vague message

A speaker’s message must be succinct and lucid. If not, the listener is left to interpret the message without fully understanding the speaker’s intent. If you want to become an effective communicator, I encourage you to first identify your message and speak it with enthusiasm in the language that your listeners can best understand. This process will help captivate the attention of your listeners, and your message will be perceived with clarity and intention.

  1. Lack of interest in the topic

From my experience as a speaker, teacher and counselor, I have observed that a lack of interest on the topic at large makes it difficult to communicate effectively. We only pay attention to what we value. To become an effective communicator, you must develop an interest in the conversation. You must engage your audience. To achieve that goal, simply ask questions about your listeners’ interests.

In order to establish and maintain effective communication in healthy relationships, all involved parties must agree to consistent communication. This allows each party an equal opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas toward building healthy relationships. Through effective communication, each member is able to express themselves openly.

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