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3 simple tips to overcome stress

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A little stress is okay. It’s can motivate you to take action to complete an important task. However, too much stress for a long time can cause serious health problem.

My doctor once told me that stress is the major cause of all problems.

In the video above, Brendon Burchard shares his techniques to manage stress. I found them helpful and want to share the video with you.

Also, here are 3 tips I find helpful dealing with stress in my life…

1. Relaxation

Each day, take one minute to meditate and breathe. Relaxation techniques such breathing, prayer and meditation have been proven to reduce stress.

2. Move your body

Stressful situations increase the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol in your body.

3. Get More Sleep

A lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Unfortunately though, stress also interrupts our sleep as thoughts keep whirling through our heads, stopping us from relaxing enough to fall asleep.

What techniques do you use to eliminate stress from your life?

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