3 Simple Ways to a Happier You

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“Your ability to achieve your own happiness is the key measure of your success, of how well you are doing as a person.” -Brian Tracy

Your Happiness is Up to You

Most people are as happy as they make up their mind to be. Another word, true happiness begins within.

The biggest myth about happiness is when people say that it is not legitimate to put your happiness ahead of everyone else’s. Throughout my counseling career, I’ve met people who have said that it is more important to make other people happy than it is to make yourself happy. This concept makes no sense to me.

The truth is that we cannot give what we don’t have. For example, you can’t give money to the poor if you don’t have any, you can’t make someone else happy if you yourself are miserable.

The very best way to help others with their happiness journey is for you to be happy yourself, and then to share your happiness with them. If you want to help others to experience joy, start by developing a happier you and living the kind of life that makes you happy.

3 Simple Ways to a Happier You

Here are three steps you can take live a happier life…

First, defining for yourself what happy life means to you. Imagine that you’re living a happier life now… Write down your feelings. What activities that you really love and enjoy, at home and work, and then organize your life so you do more of them.

Second, being grateful to God and others who help you achieve your happy life. You cannot be sad while giving thanks for what you have and enjoy.

Third, prioritizing your life based upon your core values by determining what it is that you do that brings the most happiness to others and then organize your life so that you can do more of it.


True Happiness is a mental attitude, the feeling of bliss or showing of pleasure or contentment. The process of developing and living a happier life begins in your mind. As you continue to renew your thinking from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, your life will be transformed.

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To a happier you!

James Justin, MSW


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