Set your own Financial Goals

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Set goals“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going” (Earl Nightingale).

In the previous session, I discussed the most important figures you must understand in other to improve your financial status. Be sure to go back and review that session as often as possible.

Once you understand your financial state, you’ve got to set some financial goals. Here are 3 steps to get started?

Step 1: First pay your silent partner. Give 10% to your favorite charitable organizations.

Step 2: Pay yourself next.  Keep 10% in your savings.

Step 3: Invest 10% into your future.

I recommend that you automate these steps for the most efficiency. If you cannot start with 10%, I suggest that you start with any amount you can afford and stick with it.

Your financial freedom begins in your mind. If you change your mindset, you’ll change your life.

Ready to take control of your finances and your life? Let’s get started now!

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