3 Tips for Effective Life Management

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Life ManagementWhat’s Life management? It’s the process of prioritize your life based on your core values. Whereas “Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to effectively accomplish your goals” (psychologytoday.com). When you manage your life well, you’ll have the time to pursuing your goals and enjoying everyday life. Here are 3 Tips to manage your Life and your time more effectively…

1. Positive self-talk: Statements you say to yourself regularly to condition your subconscious mind to complete activities that bring you the greatest results or solutions. Positive self-talk is fueled by “belief.” It’s not enough to repeat positive affirmations, but you must believe them. These affirmations will give you the power to transform your life and foster engagement in activities that bring full work-life balance.

2. Meditate on what you want to achieve for each day. Meditation will help you reduce stress and empower you to focus on the outcome of your daily activities. You’re more likely to achieve what you constantly focus on. This strategy allows you to take time off to reflect on activities or actions you need to take for work-life balance. It allows you to reset your mind and focus on what matters most to you.

3. Adopt a new strategy: The new strategy is… PRIORITIZING! The 3rd tip to manage your life is to prioritize your life around your core values. Adopt a strategic action plan that brings you the most RESULT in the least scheduled time. Use the same method ER’s have used for decades… TRIAGE! Write your activities from the most critical to the least importance; and address the most critical first. Focus on the critical tasks first, then move on to the less critical. Remember sometimes the tasks that scream at you the most may not be the most critical, so stay focused.

These tips are designed to help you condition yourself to engage in activities that will give you optimal results in less time and to ensure a proper work-life balance.

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