3 Tips to be Happier now!

James Justin Top 10

Happy faceWhat makes you happy? We all have favorite people, objects and events that make us happy both at work and in life. Our happiness depends greatly on our thinking, our choices and those around us. From studying and observing human psychology and behaviors, I realized that it’s not our SITUATIONS that keep us happy; it’s our REACTIONS to them that we experience in life.

Here’re 3 tips to be happier now:

1. Choose to like yourself and others

2. Choose to be happy no matter. The time to be happy is NOW! If you must grief for a moment, it’s okay to do it. You’re allowed. However, when the time comes for recovery, choose to be happy again.

3. Choose to help other to be happy as well. It takes happy people to make happy world!

Happiness is a choice! That choice is available to you and I! Choose now to be happy for life!

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