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Are you ready to have FUN this Christmas Holiday season? Let’s do it!

The holiday season is magical… A time of love, thanksgiving, and fun… A season to enjoy life with your loved ones!

It’s also one of the busiest times of the year. It’s no secret that things can get overwhelming around this season. According to a survey by Healthline, 62% of people said their stress level increases during the holiday season.

One of the reasons for the additional holiday stress is lack of planning. Benjamin Franklin once said, “If we fail to plan, we’re planning to fail!” Let’s plan our holiday season so that we can reduce stress and enjoy ourselves with our loved ones.

Why plan to have a good time during Christmas season? Well, it’s important to plan because the more strain you put on yourself, your family and your wallet, the less room you’ll have to truly enjoy the magic of the season.

Here are 3 powerful tips to reduce your stress level and enjoy the holiday season…

1. Plan! Plan! Plan!

Plan for your holiday events and shopping! Open your calendar app and decide which events you’ll attend or host. It’s okay to NO to some events.

Make yourself a holiday budget and keep it. Lack of money can add more stress during this season. Also, develop a realistic expectation by being flexible if something goes wrong. Remember the reason for the season…

2. Be patient and understanding!

Tell yourself to slow down. Practice active listening and empathic listening. A lack of patience will cause you to tense your muscles involuntarily, slow your breathing pattern and cause more stress. Take deep, slow breaths and take a short walk to redirect your focus.

3. Practice “Attitude of Gratitude!”

Remember what the holiday season is all about! It’s LOVE! It’s about THANKSGIVING! It’s about FUN! Therefore, enjoy yourself with your loved ones. Go have fun with your family and friends. If your family is far away, volunteer at your favorite charity. You can give money, time or expertise. The more you give, the happier you’ll be! Whatever you do this Christmas season, please have FUN!

Want more tips and strategies to reduce stress and enjoy your holiday season?

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Until next time, think BIG, take a BOLD step toward your goals and ENJOY every day!

To a happier you!

James Justin

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