3 tips to start your successful business

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Staring a new venture can be exciting, rewarding and challenging all at the same time. When you have a guide, the journey is much more pleasing. As you embark on your journey to start a new business, here’re 3 tips from my best Dr. Lauretta Justin to guide you.


  1. Define your Mission, Vision and Purpose (MVP). Your MVP should be the foundation for everything you do. Once you define it, you will have focus, clarity, direction and resilience. When the odds are against you and you’re facing challenges in your business, it’s your MVP that will give you the reason, the strength and the courage to move forward or to change course. Your MVP establishes your WHAT, your WHERE and your WHY.


  1. Define your STRATEGY. As the owner and the leader of your business, it’s essential to define you’re the strategy to make the business works. Let’s say you wanted to see the sunset today because you wanted to absorb the beauty of the world around you. You would never see the sunset if you headed east. Even though you have a great idea and know why you wanted to do it, you’ll never achieve it unless you have the right strategy. Having the right strategy is essential if you want to achieve your MVP. Your strategy is your HOW.


  1. A TEAM is required to achieve greater Success, Joy and Happiness.  Having a team is essential for any business success. The team represents the WHO and the faces of your business.   Without the right people, it will be virtually impossible to achieve your MVP and goals.


Once you’ve determined your MVP and developed a starting strategy, it’s time to build your team. Your team will determine the quality of your success. An outstanding team will give outstanding performance; whereas a mediocre team will give mediocre results. Take your time and chose wisely.

For more tips on how to start your successful businesses, send an email to my friend at DrLauretta@DrLaurettaJustin.com, post your comment below and share this blogs with your loved ones!

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