3 Ways to Have More Gratitude

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are 3 ways to have more gratitude this season…

1. Spend time with loved ones

If you’re struggling with feeling thankful at the moment, go spend time with your friends and family. Of course, it will help you grow closer to them and strengthen your relationship, but it will also give you a chance to practice your acts of gratitude on people that you care about.

2. Express Your Gratitude

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply keep your gratitude to yourself. You can increase your feelings of gratitude by expressing that same gratitude to the people you care about.

Soul Pancake, a group that works to discover the “science of happiness,” ran an experiment where they encouraged people to write a letter to a person they were grateful for. By itself, this exercise increased their levels of happiness from 2 to 4%. However, when the same people made a phone call to the person they were thankful for to express their gratitude directly, happiness levels jumped from 4% to 19%.

Not only will expressing your gratitude make someone’s day a little brighter, but it will also do wonders for increasing your own levels of gratitude and happiness in the long run.

3. Watch your Language.

Grateful people have a particular linguistic style that uses the language of gifts, givers, blessings, blessed, fortune, fortunate, and abundance. In gratitude, you should not focus on how inherently good you are, but rather on the inherently good things that others have done on your behalf.

Your words have power and they control the direction of your feelings. If you want to experience the bliss that comes from having an attitude of gratitude, speak grateful works.

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Now, let’s do a fun exercise… In the comment section below, write down 1-3 things you’re thankful for this season. Let’s fill this page with gratitude!

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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