3 Ways to Make Stress Work FOR You, Instead of Letting it KILL You!

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“It’s not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it. Adopting the right MINDSET and taking the right actions can convert a negative stress into a positive one” —Hans Selye

Your mindset determines your reality. It affects everything from the business decisions you make, to the way you run your life, your stress levels and overall well-being.

Are you ready to discover how to relieve yourself from the harmful burden of STRESS? Great! Let’s do it!

Let me introduce you to the benefits of stress relief…

The key is to renew your MINDSET! Get your copy of MINDSET book to discover how to renew your mind and transform your life!

Stress begins in the mind. It’s a combination of two things: a situation that our mind thinks is a threat, and our body’s response to it.

Stress triggers physical responses that include surges in hormones, rapid heartbeat and other metabolic changes in our body. It is a miraculous defense system designed to protect us from physical (you encounter a poisonous snake), and perceived (you think you may get fired due to something you did at work) threats, in short and immediate fight-or-flight situations.

But our modern society has lured us down a path of perpetual stress, starting with our morning commute, followed by a raft of other stress triggers throughout the day. This much stress is dangerous to our minds and bodies.

Stress is a part of life. On a daily basis, we face many stressors. Right now, my wife and I are dealing with the stress of raising two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are grateful to have professional advisers and loving people in our life.

I don’t know about you, but I hear it all the time… “I’m stress out.” Here a story from one of my friends:

“My husband and I experienced a house fire, and were confined to a hotel for over ten weeks during the repairs. I didn’t realize how the stress of dealing with the aftermath of the fire was affecting me until my husband asked why I had been so surly with the hotel staff and, well, everyone lately!

I apologized to one of those people the next day, and he revealed to me that he understood what we were going through, since he also experienced a house fire several years earlier.

Since professional coaching helped him and his wife so much, he recommended that I get coaching and get the help needed to manage my stress level more effectively. I am glad that I listened
and seek help from Coach James and support from my family and friends.

The nugget of information I learned from Justin’s Coaching was a blessing! James is a talented counselor blessed with practical, mind-healing insight and sensitivity that immediately put me at ease.”

3 Benefits of Making Stress Work FOR You by Changing Your MINDSET

1. Increased focus attention.
2. Faster information processing.
3. Enhanced performance and productivity…in everything!

Stress begins in our mind. When our stress level is out of control, it can cause serious medical problems. Research has not only revealed the physical and mental damage directly correlated to stress, such as heart disease and depression, it has also revealed the positive effects of finding our stress triggers and take immediate actions to transform our lives. The first step to TRANSFORMING our lives is to RENEW our MINDSET.

Are you stressed out?

We can help! Let us show you how to not only defeat stress, but to make it work for you. Read a copy of our newest book, MINDSET. And visit CoachJamesJustin.com for coaching!

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