30 Days to a happier you-Day 4-How to change your mindset to change your life

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How to change your mindset and change your life“To change your life, you have to change yourself. To change yourself, you have to change your mindset” (Wilson Kanadi).

How do you change your mindset?  Let’s face it, it’s not easy to change our mindset.  To change your mindset and your life, your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. This process requires commitment and you must take it one step out a time.

The process begins by deciding what goes into your mind.  This is important because what you hear, focus and meditate on regularly will impact your belief. On a daily basis, you’re exposed to millions of negative messages.  Many times, these massages can be overpowering, that’s why YOU must choose what enters into your mind.

Remember you have the power to choose what enters your mind.   Here are 5 tips to change your mindset and your life:

1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Acknowledge your limiting mindset. Take inventory of your thinking and feelings and see if they are consistent to your new goals.

2. DECISION: Make a decision that you want to change your limited thinking.

3. NEW PERSPECTIVE: Get a new perspective by getting new information to replace the old thinking. Having a life coach or a mentor can be quite helpful. They can help you reframe your unwanted thinking.

4. TAKE CARE YOURSELF: One of the best ways to change your thinking is to change your physiology. When you take great care of your body, it also affects your entire life.

5. PLAN FOR YOUR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS: If you want greater success, joy and happiness, you must plan for it.

BONUS TIP 1: You must commit to and develop the environment that fosters high standards for continued education, growth and development.

BONUS TIP 2: Here’s a quick exercise that can help you when you’re feeling nervous about trying something new, rub your hands as fast as you can and clap them as hard as you can.  Repeat this at least 3 times and you’ll all of a sudden feel better!

As you continue to change your mindset and take action toward achieving your goals, your life will be transformed!

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