The MINDSET of Highly Successful and Happy People

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When it comes to success and happiness, mindset plays a major role.  It determines our feelings, our feelings determine our actions and our actions determine our results.  If we want to enjoy greater success, joy and happiness, we can start adopting the mindset of those who are happy.

1.  Successful and happy people clearly define what they want in life.

2.  They are driven by clear goals and objectives.

3.  They protect and manage their Time and Priorities based on their core values, purpose and passions.

4.  They blame no one for their mistakes and failures.  They take personal responsibility for their errors and humbly correct their mistakes on a timely matter.  They change what they can and accept what cannot be changed.  They view failures as opportunities to discover something new.

5.  They commit to continue education.  They invest time, money and energy on personal and professional development.

Mindset is our way of thinking a certain way.  Eighty percent of what we do is influenced by our mindset.  Our mindset determines our results.  If want to transform our life and experience greater success, joy and happiness, we must first renew our mind.

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