5 Surprising Signs of Depression

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Did you know…

More than 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression?

Depression is a common mental disorder and the leading cause of disability worldwide (World Health Organization).

It’s normal to feel sad occasionally. For example, if I lose a loved one or my favorite job, I’ll be depressed. However, if I’m sad most of the time and it affects my personal and professional life, I could have clinical depression.

“Depression doesn’t always look like debilitating sadness,” says Richard Kravitz, MD, MSPH, a professor of internal medicine at University of California, Davis, and an expert in identifying depression in primary-care settings. “Patients are reluctant to consider depression as a cause of their symptoms—in part because they may equate it with weakness, but also in part because they simply don’t associate those symptoms with depression.”

The sooner you get treatment, the easier it will be to return to your happy and healthy self.

Here are 5 surprising signs of depression you don’t want to miss. They are based on an article I read from prevention.com…

1. Anger and constant state of Irritation

In a 2013 study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, 54% of people with depression reported feeling hostile, grumpy, argumentative, foul-tempered, or angry. “Once you’re on the negative side of the house, you’re more accessible to the rooms where other negative moods hang out—irritability, frustration and anger,” says Simon Rego, PsyD, associate professor of clinical psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center. “You’re not directly there, but it’s a short walk.” If the slightest setback sends you into a rage, or grumpy is your new normal, you may be depressed.

2. Excessive online activities such as gambling, shopping and social media

Several studies confirm that people who go online compulsively and have more virtual social interactions than real ones may be depressed. They may feel deprived of real human companionship and/or may be using the online world to escape from their thoughts and feelings. While Internet addiction and depression are separate diagnoses, they often overlap. “The quest for a short-term boost is a common coping mechanism,” says Rego.

3. Constant state of Daydreaming

Psychologists from Harvard University have shown that we’re happiest when our minds are firmly rooted in the present moment, and when our minds wander, it can make us wistful, anxious, and unhappy. While daydreaming can help find creative solutions to problems, often it’s linked to signs of depression. I recommend prayer and meditation instead of constant state of daydreaming.

4. Numbness

“Most of us have motivations that get us out of bed in the morning, whether it’s work, exercise, socializing, or making breakfast,” says Rego. “But for people who are depressed, those pulls dry up.” If your mind is constantly in the cloud, you may be experiencing depression.

5. Poor Hygiene

In a 2014 survey of more than 10,000 people, 61% who had poor oral health reported suffering depression. And the more dental issues they had, the more severe the depression was. “It’s a spectrum,” says Rego. “Neglecting your physical wellbeing and appearance is only problematic when it crosses over into distress or dysfunction.” Even if your grooming routine was modest to begin with, it may disappear when you’re depressed. Having no energy to take care of yourself? Please talk with primary care provider as soon as possible.

Question… Are you worried you may be depressed?

If so, make an appointment with your health care provider (PCP) today!

I want you to get the help you need to start feeling happier again!

The happier you are, the more energy you’ll have to pursue your full potential and achieving the life of your dreams!

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