5 Tips to Change your Money Mindset

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Money Mindset 1024x602Your mindset determines your feeling, your feeling determines your action, your action determines your result. If you change your mindset, you’ll change your life!

Here are 5 Tips to Change your Money Mindset:

1. Acknowledge your current thinking about money by taking a brief inventory of your money history. Ask your financial planners for help as needed. This process will help you identify how you have developed your belief about money, wealth and financial freedom. Your Belief system determines your Mindset; your Mindset determines your Feelings; your Feelings determine your Actions and your Actions determine your Results.

2. Recognize that you have a choice, and that you, too, will become wealthy as you practice the tips in this program. You have the power to be financially free!

3. Commit to financial literacy to replace your limited belief about money and wealth. The more you learn, the more your earn.

4. Develop a smart plan with your financial advisors and take action toward your financial goals. Automate your financial freedom plan. This process will help you remain faithful to your plan. For example, if your income is $1000 per week; give $100 to your favorite charities; invest $100 to grow your money; save $100 for fun and for emergencies; and live on the remaining $700.

5. Appreciate what you have now while you pursue a bigger financial portfolio. An attitude of gratitude will ensure that you are happy and fulfill at all time.

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