7 Basic Fears

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“Fear is a state of mind, it’s as real as you allow it.” 

We all have fear.  Our fears can be grouped into 7 basic fears:

1.     Fear of success and failure;

2.     Fear of poverty;

3.     Fear of criticism;

4.     Fear of sickness;

5.     Fear of losing loved ones;

6.     Fear of old age;

7.     Fear of death.

Fear in small doses is healthy.  It warns us of danger and keeps us in check. It helps us to show respect and honor to our parents and other authorities.

However, when fear goes unchecked for too long, a HUGE part of our emotional intelligence suffers. We get stuck. We get unhappy.  We don’t pursue our goals.

“Unchecked” fear is toxic to you and those around you. Fear can set you back from achieving your full potential.

Which of the 7 basic fears do you struggle with and do you have a plan to overcome it? 
To discover how to overcome your Fears, email us at  coachjamesjustin.com/pages/contact or call 407-407-493-7486!

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