7 Benefits of Prayer

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The benefits of prayer are enormous. For centuries, people have been enjoying the power of prayer. Now, it’s your time to release the power of prayer over your life and enjoy its benefits! Dr. Lauretta Justin and I discussed several benefits of prayer in our book, EXPRESS YOURSELF. To get you started, here are 7 benefits of prayer:

1. Prayer will help you develop a healthy relationship with God.

2. Prayer builds you up spiritually to focus on your purpose, vision, and goals.

3. Prayer reduces harmful stress.

4. Prayer can help you create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere both at home and at work.

5. Prayer can help you in the process of forgiving others and yourself.

6. Prayer can deliver you from danger.

7. Prayer empowers you to share your belief boldly with confidence, love and respect.

Prayer is an appeal, plea, request, desire, and hope. It is a heartfelt expression of desire that builds a strong bond with God. Prayer expresses the desires of our hearts to the one whom we pray to. Prayers can activate the force of God in our favor and transform our lives to lasting success, joy and fulfillment.

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