7 Steps to Develop Healthy Relationships with Anyone

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Relationship Book Front Cover“A healthy relationship is characterized as a relationship that is of personal significance and mutual benefit, trust and respect” (James Justin).
Are you ready to develop healthy relationships?
According to the American psychologist Abraham Maslow, humans have a deep-seated need for belonging, loving and acceptance within their social groups. We have the need to love others and to receive love from others.

If this significant need is not met, the results can be catastrophic. Medical conditions such as depression, anxiety and even suicide have all been linked to loneliness, hopelessness and a lack of love and acceptance by others.
Learning how to develop healthy relationship has been the most requested topic by our blog readers. Thus, I wrote this book to help people develop better relationships and fulfill their human need to connect, love, belong accepted.
In this new relationship series, we’ll explore the Justin’s 7 Steps to Develop Healthy Relationships:
1. Become Self-Aware
2. Become Selective
3. Become the Friend You Want to Attract
4. Become an Effective Communicator
5. Become Loving
6. Become Trustworthy
7. Become Committed

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