7 Tips to Eliminate Financial Stress

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“A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; But money answers everything.” -King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 10:19

Have you ever experienced financial stress? If so, you are not alone. Over 76 percent of Americans say that money and their personal financial problems are a significant cause of stress, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association.

Dealing with financial difficulty triggers the symptoms of fear, stress, anxiety and worry.

Financial stress is unique because there is a cure for both the symptoms AND the cause. The cure is to develop a positive mental attitude about wealth and pursue your financial freedom goal. Another word, Financial Literacy is the key to eliminating financial insecurity in your life or in your business.

Financial freedom is possible to anyone who willing to pursue it diligently. My clients and I have a proven record of success with even the seemingly direst situations. In my financial freedom eBook, I shared my knowledge, experiences and strategies for personal financial freedom and fulfillment.

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We have explored many aspects of stress in previous blogs (CoachJamesJustin.com), and we know that stress responds to triggers.

Our mindful awareness of, and our reaction to those triggers is an active MINDSET that you can learn! Read my new book MINDSET to find out how!

One trigger that many share is financial stress. But what if I told you that you had a choice… a real choice between living in debt and poverty, or living in wealth? If you choose poverty, I probably can’t help you. But if you choose wealth, I CAN help you! The key point is that you actually DO have a choice.

The Top 7 Tips to Eliminate Financial Stress are as follow:

1. Take Inventory of your money MINDSET. Ask yourself the following questions: How do you think about money? What were you thought about money as a child? How valuable is money to you? What would you sacrifice to have it? Do you think of money as a tool? I do! But until you evaluate your true money MINDSET, you will never know how to manage what you have.

2. Write it down! Write everything: your thoughts, your fears, account balances, all debts, all income, known future financial needs, unknown future financial needs…everything. Sometimes when you actually write everything down, simple math may then reveal that you are not as bad off as you thought!

3. Commit to financial literacy. As you accumulate knowledge about your own finances and potential for wealth, read and watch as much as you can about money. There are countless opportunities and avenues for wealth that you must first be aware of to take advantage of.

4. Think outside the box. Use times of financial distress as an opportunity to think of new, creative and less expensive ways to save money and more effectively manage your life and finances. HINT: You may find that “family game night” is not only at least as much fun as going to the movies, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper!

5. Stop blaming yourself. Financial distress is a result of many things—quite often out of our control—such as unemployment, divorce, a disaster or health issues. But even if you were irresponsible with your money in the past, it is never too late to reduce your debt and increase your wealth. Stop wasting your energy worrying about those things you can’t change (the past), and start committing to changing your MINDSET! Let me show you how!

6. Seek professional advice who are licensed and have experience in the area of your needs. Your financial advisers can help you reduce financial stress and achieve lasting results.

7. Take slow deep breath every 15 minutes. Be calm, but not still. Don’t panic. Don’t stress yourself and making the same mistakes. Learn about finances. Read. Talk to your advisers and coaches. More importantly, Take one step each day toward your financial freedom!

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