7 ways to give your loved ones what they really want!

James Justin Top 10

“What your loved ones really want this holiday is YOU!” 
This weekend, I read the article below written by Tony Robins Team, which highlights 7 tips to give your loved ones what they really want-YOU! The really want to spend quality time with you. I like the tips below and want to share them with you to help you reduce your stress over this holiday season!
1. Travel together
2. If the thought of traveling on the holidays induces panic, think locally instead. Have a special night out with your spouse, or tell your friends that you’d prefer their company at your apartment or house.
3. Adopt another family for the holidays. Ask local churches, schools or local Salvation Army who could use some help in order to have a happy holiday this year. Then get your whole family involved in shopping for the presents and food they request. Delivering the gifts will renew your own gratitude whilst blessing others.
4. Similarly, find out if an elderly neighbor could use help decorating for the holidays. Get a couple of friends or round up the family to bring a tree and decorations to make the holidays brighter.
5. Ask the kids in your life if they’d rather have an experience rather than a toy. Music lessons, a chance to play a sport next season or a day with you at the zoo may mean more to them than anything you could put under the tree.
6. Attend an event together
7. Volunteer together
Of course, if you still prefer to give, why not pay it forward and give to someone who could really use the help? Organizations such as Feeding America are committed to making a difference every day, especially on the holidays.
Give yourself a gift through the way you give this year and makein your focus, putting time with your loved ones front and center. Make it your best (and least stressful) holiday season yet.
To greater Success, Joy and Happiness!