8 Reasons to be Grateful Everyday

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“Count your blessings every day, name them one by one, and you’ll soon have more than enough to be grateful for.” —James Justin

What are you grateful for today?

This blog post offers 8 reasons why we should be grateful everyday. Use this list to help you get started in creating your own list.

1) Life:

Your life is a precious gift worthy of daily appreciation. You’re awesome! You’re beautiful! You’re created in the image and likeness of the most high God! Enjoy it everyday!

Gratitude is one of the keys to a happier life. Being grateful for the fact that you are alive and well! Any day above ground is better than being under.

2) Family and Friends:

Do you have anyone close to you? You can enjoy their beautiful smile, their comedy, company, and love? Enjoy your loved ones everyday! Having these wonderful person in your life will bring you joy and fulfillment. A Harvard University research on success and happiness shows that people with healthy relationship are happier in life and in business.

3) Sight:

Millions of people in the world today cannot see and read this post. Close your eyes for a moment. Now, Imagine a mono-colored world, where everywhere is dark. Be grateful that such a world is not yours. Appreciate and enjoy the fact that you can see the colors of nature.

4) Food:

Go to South Sudan, Mali, Niger Republic, Syria, Northern Nigeria etc. In these places millions of people are starving. Several millions live on less than a dollar per day. Can you imagine? Having a meal to eat is truly a course for celebration. Give thanks that you can enjoy food everyday!

5) Mood:

Can you laugh, smile, grin and feel natural joy? Can you experience sadness, remorse, pity, and disappointment? All these varieties of emotions are there to make us learn and understand life. All these should be appreciated.

6) Mobility:

If you can move, this is a great privilege. Many people are bedridden due to medical limitations. They’re confined to a wheelchair for life. If you can walk… enjoy it everyday!

7) Music:

Do you have the ability to enjoy music? You can change your mood and brighten your spirit. Oh!! You are not deaf. Many are, they still smile, hug, and communicate with signs. Either you are deaf or not, you still have a million and one reasons to be grateful.

8) Literacy:

About a billion out of seven billion people in the world cannot read. You can see and you can read. This is indeed a privilege. If you can read and understand literacy, enjoy it and show your gratefulness everyday!

Attitude of Gratitude

Practicing attitude of gratitude is a major step toward a happier you. So, join me in the journey of being grateful every day!

Happiness as you know is a choice. No one stays happy by dwelling on his or her inadequacies. We all have something uniquely great about us. Stay happy, develop the right attitude and enjoy everyday life!

Count your blessings. Several amazing things are happening in your life. This is the ultimate truth. Make a gratitude list and review it everyday! This simple step will transform your life forever!

As you continue to practice attitude of gratitude and pursue your goals, your life will be transformed!

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Until next time, think BIG, take a BOLD step toward your goals and ENJOY every day!

To a happier you!


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