ANGER: Is Anger Good, or Bad?

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“Uncontrolled anger is like a wild fire, it destroys everything in it’s path.” -James Justin

Summer season is here! What better time to talk about anger than the hot, steamy days of July. Anger is one of the most requested topics by our blog readers.

What is anger?

It’s a state of mind or a feeling that warns you of potential danger. This natural emotion broadly ranges from mild irritation, to fury and rage. This month, we will explore anger and how you can use this powerful emotion to your advantage, instead of allowing its potential to do harm or hinder your success.

Since those who are quick to anger are quite often less successful professionally, and have much greater difficulty with personal relationships, it is important to address anger, what is, how it hurts and how it can help! I like what King Solomon said about anger, “A soft answer turn away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.”

Is Anger Good, or Bad?

Both, actually. Anger is necessary for our survival. It is a natural and healthy response to life’s problems and difficulties. Anger can either motivate you to find solutions to problems, or it can destroy you with harm to your physical and mental health.

3 Ways to turn ANGER from Hurtful to Helpful!

1. REALIZE that anger is a natural emotion, but that we have full control over how we respond to that emotion. Use the proven techniques of Coach James Justin to show you how!

2. LEARN what your triggers are (We will explore this in an upcoming blog!), and the strategies that turn tragedies into triumphs.

3. KNOW when to seek help. There are many reasons that you may find yourself facing constant struggles with anger. And occasionally, if you can’t seem to get a grasp on harnessing that anger yourself, you may need to seek the assistance of a qualified, experienced counselor.


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I look forward to helping you achieve EXTRAORDINARY results!

Yours truly!

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