Anger Management: 3 Successful Ways to Make your Anger work FOR you

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In our previous entry, we explored how “triggers” prompt us to get angry, and the importance of identifying and recognizing those triggers. This single action can change our MINDSET, allowing us to avoid destructive anger. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can manage your anger effectively and share 3 ways to make your anger work FOR you.

The key to managing your emotional triggers and achieving your goals is to develop a positive mental attitude and pursue your goals. To help you do that, I just released a brand-new step-by-step manual titled, MINDSET.

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As with any emotion, anger is neither good or bad. It’s part of the human experience. It is only when anger triggers destructive or unhealthy behavior, or has a negative impact on your overall well-being does it become a problem. For example, when your anger is used as a warming of pending danger, or is used to protect yourself and your family, it’s healthy. However, when your anger is used destructively, the result is life threaten. It’s can hurt people, it’s can threaten your health, it can lead to domestic violence, and when an assault and battery behavior is committed, it can lead to imprisonment.

Anger Management: Managing your anger is very important to your success, health and happiness. Anger management skill can improve your well-being by reducing stress and accept what you can’t change and channel your energy to feel positive and calm.

Stress Management and Anger: Stress and anger are two sides of the same coin. Often, we are angry because we are stressed and vice versa. The causes of stress are many… Demands at the workplace, uncompromising supervisors, inefficient employees, strained relationships, health issues and financial worries are some of the most common causes. If you can learn to beat the heat and manage stress half the battle is won.

There are many techniques that you can used to manage stress and anger. Try slow deep breathing when faced with a tense situation. Prayer and meditation can also work as stress busters. Therapists endorse exercising as a mean to release feel good hormones and do away with stress and tension. The key to manage anger and thrive is to develop a positive MINDSET.

When you develop a growth MINDSET, it will help you recognize your emotional triggers; and you can use this knowledge to block or release your anger in a healthier way. You can then use that knowledge to not only help yourself, but others around you as well.

Everything you need to manage your emotions and succeed is already within you. Your MINDSET holds the key to the life of your dreams. My Brand-new MINDSET book is designed to help you transform your life by renewing your mind and pursuing your goals. Click HERE to get your copy today!

3 ways to make your anger work FOR you:

• Anger may actually save your life. In fact, that’s what God intended when He created that emotion. Anger heightens our awareness of potential danger, and often triggers a fight or flight response.

• When you recognize your anger triggers, you can use them to be more effective and productive in your professional life, possibly even saving your job! When your anger reaches a tipping point, it’s time to take a time out to block and release the anger in a healthy way. To help you calm down, You can call a friend, take a walk, hit a punching bag at the gym or use any of your favorite relaxing methods.

“When I lost my temper at work, I just thought I was ‘being the boss.’ I eventually realized that many of my coworkers though my behavior offensive, and some even thought of me as a bully. I’m not! But only when I learned to recognize my anger triggers, and to respond to situations instead of reacting to them did I gain full respect from all of my professional associates.” — Bob Vanderheyden

• Research has revealed a proven link between exercise and its anger-thwarting benefits. This could mean anything from working out your frustration at the gym, or even simply a short walk to separate you from your trigger and give you the brief moment you need to respond appropriately. And we all know the health benefits of exercise, right?

Everything you need to manage your emotions and succeed in life is already inside you. Your MINDSET holds the key to the life of your dreams. Are you ready to have lasting success, joy and happiness? If so, let’s take the journey into MINDSET; and get ready for your life to be transformed from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! CLICK HERE to order a copy of MINDSET book now!

I look forward to helping you achieve extraordinary results!

Yours truly,

James Justin
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