Are you on target to achieving your goals?

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Yesterday (July 7th), I had the opportunity to celebrate my 42nd birthday… And my family and friends helped make my day extra special. I had a blast hanging out with loved ones!

I want to thank you, all my friends and family for all the love and happy notes! I’m so grateful to have people like you in my life!

During my birthday, I had the opportunity to reflect on my priorities and goals. I can tell you that I am very pleased and grateful for all my blessings!

My big question to you is…

Are you on target to achieving your goals?

Like many us, you probably set one or two goals on your New Year Resolution List.

We’re halfway through the year, and I wanted to do a quick check-in with you…

Are you making progress toward your goals? Are you thinking big and making bold step toward your goals?

More importantly, do you have a plan for taking the necessary steps to complete one small goal, then another, and then another?

Have you fallen behind or have lost momentum on your pursuit of happiness and success?

If so, you’re not alone. And that’s okay… Because today, I’d like to talk to you about something that can help you get back on track:

I’m talking about your coaching program… Your Extraordinary Life Blueprint!

This program is designed to help you achieve BIG goals and create the life of your dreams.

Here’s the thing though… I’ve seen so many people really struggle when it comes to putting together a simple, solid, practical plan to get to where they want to be in life.

Which is exactly why I created this incredible program, so you can get the coaching, tools, and inspiration you need to get you back on track to your success and HAPPINESS.

And to help you achieve your ultimate vision faster than you thought possible.

Here’s what we’ll cover together during this proven 6 week program:

  • Define your vision
  • Set  spefific goals
  • Develop a strategic plan to win

And help you move into a state of peak performance to achieve extraordinary results! That’s how you win the game! That’s when you start living life on your own TERMS instead of living life for everyone but yourself! And that’s when taking a big deep breath comes easy–perhaps for the very first time in years and years! YES! Imagine that!

That’s why we use those super-powerful words–because it really truly is TRANSFORMATIONAL!!

That’s when you become “un-stuck” and begin seeing and feeling and experiencing EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS! Achieving your full potential and enjoying your ultimate life with fulfillment and happiness!

The best part about this program? It requires less than 2-3 hours of time every week investing on your personal growth.

Plus, you’ll get built-in accountability, inspiration, and support needed to keep your momentum going strong, until you achieve your specific goal.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Let’s get started!

Call/Text (407) 906-4008 or visit to sign up for your coaching today!

To a Happier You!

James Justin
CEO of

P.S. Remember, you have 6 months left in 2018 to achieve your goals–but only THIS WEEK to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.

That means after this week, the 50% OFF saving is gone. The free tickets to work with me in person are gone.

Don’t miss this extremely limited-time opportunity to level up your life!

Call/Text (407) 906-4008 or visit to sign up for your coaching today!

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