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“When you focus on emotionally meaningful goals, life gets better.” —Laura Carstensen

Have you heard your last “Happy New Year” yet? People seem to enjoy saying “Happy New Year” so much that I’ve been greeted with it well into March some years! Besides merely an expression of the refreshing feeling of a New Year, what does being “HAPPY” mean, and how much does it really contribute to our total well-being?

Extensive research has revealed that happiness, fulfillment and contentment are something we can cultivate and learn how to increasingly incorporate into our lives. Even more interesting is the research that reveals a release of dopamine…the “feel good” neurotransmitter…following EVERY time you achieve a goal or accomplish a task, big or small. So, the little things really do count! And every “Happy New Year” is a release of dopamine!

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In our previous post, we discussed New Year’s resolutions and the importance of making realistic (S.M.A.R.T) goals, as well as a mindful PLAN to achieve them.

For instance, instead of setting your sights on the goal of “saving the environment,” a more realistic goal would be to “start recycling” by placing each empty bottle in your home in the recycle bin to be picked up by your city or county sanitation department.

Instead of an unrealistic and vague goal to “get fit,” set a realistic goal of losing 1 pound per month by going to the gym for an hour three times a week, or a daily walk around the block for thirty minutes (Hint: Take the dog with you…Double Dopamine Dose!) and following your doctor’s recommendations as directed.

The happiest people accomplish small goals throughout their day and throughout their lives. If you remain mindful of that, and take small steps to consistently create and attain even the smallest of goals, accomplishments, kind gestures and thoughtful acts, you will be happier!

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In next week’s post, you’ll discover the key to keeping (and exceeding!) your New Year resolutions by creating a PLAN. Happy New Year!

Until next time, dream BIG and take ONE step every day to move forward!

Yours truly,

James Justin
Author of Mindset

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