Attitude of Gratitude Part 4 of 4 – The Ugly Truth of Ingratitude

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The Ugly Truth of Ingratitude

“Ingratitude is poison to the soul remorse is part of the diagnosis.” ―Vasilios Karpos

Being ungrateful is a vile attitude people learn and unlearn by repetition or rote. Ungratefulness wires your mind with loads of complaints. As life goes on, your happiness will become exiled in this desert of ingratitude. With ingratitude, Sadness is compulsory for the ungrateful cannot be satisfied.

The Height Of Ingratitude

This is a story about ingratitude narrated by Winston Churchill…

A little boy was playing on a pier. All of a sudden he fell off the pier into the water. He did not know how to swim and was in serious danger of drowning. A very kind-hearted young soldier saw this, and he immediately jumped off the pier and swam towards the little boy. He put the boy on his shoulders and brought him back up to the pier quite safely. This young man saved the boy’s life.

The boy had been playing with other little boys, but his parents were nowhere to be found. The soldier drove the child to his parents’ home and left the boy there. The young man did not even think of receiving any reward. He was a very kind-hearted person, and he was extremely happy that he was able to save the life of this little boy.
A few days later, the boy’s parents came to look for the soldier. Everybody was helping them look for him, because they thought that the parents had come to give him a reward for saving their child. Finally they found the soldier working at the pier.

The parents approached the young man, and he immediately said, “You have to come to me? Please, please, I do not need any reward. I am so happy that I was able to save your child’s life. That is my greatest reward. You do not have to give me anything.”

The father and mother said, “No! We have not come here to give you anything. We have come to ask you for our son’s hat. Where is it?” The young man was shocked. He said, “I tried to save your son’s life and I did save his life. Now you are asking me for his hat?”

“Yes,” replied the parents.

How ungrateful are the parents?

The young man had saved the life of the parent’s only child, and they were asking for his hat! Instead of giving the soldier a reward or even a simple ‘Thank you,’ they were asking for the boy’s hat.

They demanded, “What did you do with our son’s hat? What is wrong with you? We want to know where the hat is!”

This is the ugly truth of ingratitude.

As I reflected on the story above, I found myself convicted with guilt of Ingratitude.

Indeed, there’s been times that I failed to be grateful to my loved ones.

It’s with the spirit of forgiveness and thanksgiving that I launched this blog series on gratitude.

My hope is that you’ll start being grateful to God, yourself and others.

Gratitude is a powerful key that unlocks your happiness in life and in business.

Ingratitude is a stumbling block preventing human progress. It’s a mental attitude of being ungrateful or unthankful.

It’s like a “careless soul receives the Father’s gifts as if it were a way that things had of dropping into his hand…yet he is ever complaining, as if someone were accountable for the problems which meet him at every turn. For the good that comes to him, he gives no thanks–who is there to thank? At the disappointments that befall him he grumbles–there must be someone to blame!” ―George MacDonald

Don’t let Ingratitude becomes a stumbling block to your blessings. Turn Your Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones by practicing attitude of gratitude!

The cure to ingratitude is to ask for forgiveness and start practicing gratitude today.

Practicing attitude of gratitude is a major step toward a happier you. So, join me in the journey of being grateful every day!

As you continue to practice this virtue and pursue your goals, your life will be transformed!

Stay tuned for more on the benefits of practicing attitude of gratitude!

Until next time, think BIG, take a BOLD step toward your goals and ENJOY every day!

To a happier you!

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