Collateral Damage: What happens when we don’t control our Anger?

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We know from our previous blogs on the subject that anger is a normal emotion, and when used as naturally intended could even save your life. But It becomes a problem when it becomes destructive.

Collateral damage occurs when anger becomes destructive or unhealthy, such as in the case of a battered spouse, an abused child or simply destructive to a person’s overall sense of health and well-being.

The primary key to effectively manage anger and change your life is to develop a growth mindset. My brand-new book MINDSET is designed to help you transform your life by renewing your MIND. CLICK HERE to discover more.

Recognizing what “triggers” our anger and taking positive actions toward our goals are essential in managing our emotional well-being and to succeed in life.

“The most destructive part of anger is when it controls you. Manage your anger by knowing your triggers and changing your MINDSET!” -James Justin

Despite what many may think, lashing out or “knee-jerk” behavior is not a normal response to a potential trigger. Destructive anger is not only selfish, but it is also a sign of weakness in one or more areas of a person’s life, including their ability to maintain perspective. Some proven methods of immediate anger management are exercise; taking slow, deep breaths; prayer, and meditation.

There is a crucial difference between reacting to a trigger, instead of responding to a trigger. When you know the difference, and can change your MINDSET, you will effectively manage your anger and change your life. Let me show you how!

5 signs that you may have anger management issues:

1. Your spouse or children are afraid of you.
2. You blame everything and everyone else.
3. You call people names, and are quick to criticize and belittle others.
4. You are irritable, quick-tempered and lack patience with most things.
5. When you get angry you shut down and withdraw.

Everything you need to manage your emotions and succeed in life is already inside you. Your MINDSET holds the key to the life of your dreams. Are you ready to have lasting success, joy and happiness? If so, let’s take the journey into MINDSET; and get ready for your life to be transformed from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

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I look forward to helping you achieve extraordinary results!

Yours truly!

James Justin
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