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Dr. Lauretta Justin's vision for tomorrow scholarship postcard

Vision for Tomorrow Scholarship Press Release

For immediate release
February 19, 2016
James Justin

Dr. Lauretta Justin Announces the Vision for Tomorrow Scholarship Fund
Through education, we will Mentor, Empower and Care for our children.

Orlando, Fla. – – Dr. Lauretta Justin announces, “The Vision for Tomorrow Scholarship Fund”, a scholarship created to offer financial support to local High School Seniors in the Orlando area.

Dr. Justin will donate 10% of all eyewear purchased during March through May.

“My purpose in life is to Mentor, Empower and Care. I see this scholarship as an opportunity to do just that. I grew up in very rough neighborhood and my parents were poor. It was the generous contribution of others though scholarship funds that helped me get an education” Dr. Justin noted.

The scholarship will be awarded to two High School seniors who meet the requirements of the scholarship fund.

“Today, I am a very successful doctor and entrepreneur because someone helped me. I want to be that person for the recipients of this scholarship fund. My goal is to one day cover the full 4 year undergraduate expenses for a deserving student each year” Dr. Justin exclaimed.

Along with the scholarship fund, the recipients will also get a professional photo. Furthermore, they will be featured on Dr. Justin’s wall of fame, office newsletter, social media, website and local media. The award ceremony will be held at Millennium Eye Center on June 3, 2016 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, EST.

Scholarship application is available at DrLaurettaJustin.com

Dr. Lauretta is the founder and CEO of Millennium Eye Center where she practices optometry. She is licensed and board certified to practice optometry in the state of Florida. Dr. Justin is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and singer! She is the co-author of the 2011 book “Express Yourself!” In 2015, she released her debut Christmas music album titled, “The Spirit of Christmas!” Dr. Justin believes everyone deserves a brighter future. That is why she Mentors, Empowers, and Cares for everyone with excellence!

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