Financial freedom—5 Tips to Make More Money

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“The key to making money is to stay invested” (Suze Orman).

Here are 5 Tips to Make More Money…

1. Invest on yourself and start a new business while keeping your your day job. You can get started by turning a talent or even a hobby into profitable businesses.

2. Start a blog or a website to share your contents, advice, experiences and expertise. Once you have enough materials and a substantial list of people who like you and your advice, you can sell them your products and services. Like Ziz Ziglar said, the more people you help get what they want, they more people will help you get what you want!

3. Ask your boss for a raise. If you have been a valuable employee and helped the company make more money year after year, it may be time to negotiate for a higher salary. You never know, your boss may say yes to your request.

4. Become a real estate investor. Rent out your properties for a profit. You can start with one house and rent out a room. The extra cash can be used to buy another property.

5. Sell stuff you do not want online at, or similar websites. You can also have a garage sale. All the extra cash you generate must be placed in your investment account to create other opportunities to make more money.
As always, get help from your financial advisers before pursuing any financial goal.

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