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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” (Henry Ford).

When I was a student at Boston College studying to become a psychotherapist and a clinical social worker, my Psychology professor taught me a formula for success. It’s a simple formula that I believe can transform your life if you apply it in your situation. This formula is…

E + R = O

This means Event + Reaction = Outcome

This formula has changed my life and my clients’ life. It empowered me to change what I can and seek help for what I cannot change on my own. For example, because of my vision limitation, I hired readers and used digital books to complete my Master’s degree.

Also, I taught my clients how to manage their reactions to events in their lives; and so to produce desired outcomes and results.

We may not be able to control events in our lives, but we can control our reactions and our decisions.  This is a major key to our success.

Questions… What outcomes or results are you seeking now?  Do you need help to achieve your goals?

Success is a team sport. If you want to succeed in life, get help! Get a life coach, a mentor and a friend to help you achieve your goals. Like Henry Ford said, “working together is success!”

I’m here to help you succeed achieving your goals! Are you ready?  Let’s get stared now!

I like to hear from you!  Share your comment and question below!

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