Great leadership begins with great team building

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Great Leadership Begins With Great Team Building

Who comes to mind when you think of great leaders? Here’s a brief list of Top 10 Greatest world Leaders of All Time:

  • Jesus Christ
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Franklin D Roosevelt
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Winston Churchill
  • Alexander, The Great

Leadership is the state or position of being a leader; the capacity to keep your team motivated and engaged to achieve the highest levels of performance. Ultimately, great leaders get great results.

At best, there are many leaders who are competent, but few can be defined as being “great.” What are the top 4 traits these leaders have in common? If you want to join the rank of the “greats,” make sure you exemplify the traits of great leadership. Here are 4 tips to achieve great leadership:

1.Team Building: There is no leader without a team. If you want to be a great leader, you must develop a great team. A great team is engaged, motivated and operating at peak performance.  Great leaders create HAPPY workplace settings that promote high performance.  Remember, great leadership begins with great team building; and a happy team makes a happy leader!

2.Awareness: Great leaders are personally aware of their expertise and limitations. They hire and build their team members to help them achieve their mission and vision. They take time to learn about their team members and clients.  They motivate and engage their team to remain focused on peak performance. They keep their clients engaged by maintaining open communication with their clients. They are fully aware and accept their fiduciary responsibilities toward themselves, their team and their clients.

3.Decisiveness: Great leaders know when to act and when to wait. They have great decision-making skills. They gather reliable intelligence to make sound decisions. When they make a mistake, they take responsibility and fix it quickly.

4.Accountability: Great leaders take responsibility for their team’s performance and their own actions. They follow up on all outstanding issues, check in on team members and monitor the effectiveness of standard procedures and rules. They make the effort to praise their team for peak performance. When problems arise, they identify them quickly, seek solutions, and get the team back on track quickly. Great leaders have mentors and advisors to guide them and keep them on track.

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