Have you ever felt alone?

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According to the American Psychologist Abraham Maslow, human beings have a deep-seated need for belonging and acceptance within their social groups. These groups may be large or small. Large social groups can include co-workers, religious groups and professional organizations. Some examples of small social groups can include significant others, families and friends. As social beings, we all desire to be in HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!

In order to learn how to build a healthy relationship, it is important to understand what a healthy relationship is.

We have a very strong need to be loved by each other both sexually and non-sexually. If this significant need is not met, the results can be catastrophic. Medical conditions such as depression, anxiety and even suicide have all been linked to loneliness, hopelessness and a lack of acceptance by others.

In this day and age, we do not lack social groups. As a matter of fact, we have access to a plethora of social groups available to us 24/7 through social media. There are more clubs, organizations and social media groups now than ever before in history.

We have more opportunities than ever to connect with each other through advanced technology. Yet, even with all these opportunities for connection, it seems people are feeling lonelier than ever before.

In a recent article from Forbes Magazine, I read the following:

“Recent studies have found that despite being more connected than ever, more people feel more alone than ever.”

Are you felling isolated and alone at home or at work?

Well, you’re not alone.

Many people tell me that the feel ALONE; and that there’s something holding them back. They’re just not getting what they want in life. Their marriage is falling apart. Plain and simple, they’re not happy.

This is what some of my clients are saying:

• We desire to be happy… but we’re sad.

• We want one thing… but we get another.

• We want joy, happiness and success in all areas of our life-at work and at home… and it’s a never-ending struggle.

• We want to find love… but it eludes us, or even sometimes when we find love and create relationships, they seem to fall apart, or just slip away.

If you’re feeling alone, I want you to know that there’s hope for your life!

You don’t to stay in a constant state of mind isolation any more.

You’ve the power to transform your life!

God has given you the power to think and to take action to change your life!

God wants you to be happy, fulfilled and have an abundant life!

I encourage you to open your heart and seek the help you need to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose!

You can get a great jump start by developing healthier relationship with those who can help you accomplish your goals.

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As always, I would like to hear from you!

Email me your questions, comments and prayer requests at james@coachjamesjustin.com!

I look forward helping you achieve EXTRAORDINARY results!

James Justin

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