Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.

― Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

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Is negative thinking preventing your success and happiness?

If so, you’re not alone…

Many of us are struggling with negative thinking.

Many of our clients transformed their lives by renewing their thinking

Now is your time to overcome negative thinking and achieve the life of your dreams. And were here to help you.

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What are the signs of negative thinking?

If you have a destructive inner critic or get caught in a cycle of worry, stress, anxiety, depression or wrestle with low self-worth, then you know some of the symptoms first hand.

If negative thinking is left unchecked, it can cause serious damage in our lives. It can prevent us from achieving our full potentials. If we don’t resolve our negative thinking, it will become a stronghold impacting our relationships, work, business, health and wellness.

What is negative thinking?

It’s a constant state of negativity. A thought process where people tend to find the worst in everything, or reduce their expectations by considering the worst possible scenarios. … The opposite approach would be positive thinking, approaching situations or circumstances with a positive attitude.

Here are 10 common Examples of Negative Thinking:

  1. I cannot go back to school, I’m too old.
  2. My husband cooked dinner tonight since I had a long day at work but it was only pasta – I mean, how hard is that?
  3. Having a king size bed might sound nice, but it just takes up the whole room and the sheets are really expensive.
  4. A new higher paying job would be a good thing except for the change in the commute, possible reduction in health insurance and having to get to know a whole new group of people.
  5. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live in a great big house with all that land. All I can think of is the heating bill, and cutting that grass!
  6. I’d rather not own a highly successful restaurant. Sure, you could be famous and make a ton of money, but just think of those long hours and dealing with the public all the time.
  7. You may say you want a cool sporty car, but I can’t imagine paying that car insurance and getting pulled over by cops all the time.
  8. It might be nice that I am graduating at the top of my class, but really, what difference does is make when I have to pay back all of these student loans?
  9. My job pays really well and fast tracks its employees into higher positions since they’re growing so quickly, but sitting in a grey, boring cubicle listening to sad FM radio all afternoon from the cubicle next door is just too much.
  10. Starting a new business is just for rich people, I cannot do it.

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