How to keep your joy and happiness at all times

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Happiness is a choice. We all can decide to be happy no matter. Therefore, you are encouraged to choose to be happy now and keep your happiness for life!

It’s true that we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. There are events that we experience beyond our control. These events may include a cancer diagnosis, your children is diagnosed with Autism, being blind; being abuse; death of a loved one and so forth. We can feel sad, depress and disappointed at those time.

It’s healthy to grief any loss. It’s okay to be sad while you’re grieving over a lost for a period of time. This is the process of accepting the reality of life. However, you’re encouraged to never stay in a constant state of grief and unhappiness. If you find yourself drifting toward ongoing grief, sadness, depression, hopelessness, it’s okay to seek help from a coach, friends and families.

Remember, the mourning process is for a season. After the mourning period, it’s time to get up, get well and get moving toward! “…Weeping may tarry for the night, but JOY comes with the morning” (King David). No matter how dark your night may be, remember that a new day is coming; and your breakthrough to greater SUCCESS, JOY and HAPPINESS comes with the morning! It’s a new day to smile, to be happy and to enjoy everyday life!

5 tips to keep your joy and happiness

1.  Practice positive mental attitude:  We can do this by controlling what goes into our mind. To have a positive mental attitude, we must replace the negative with the positive by enlisting the help of a life coach, a friend, exercise 3 times per week, and eat 3 balance meals per day and get plenty sleep each day.

2.  Practice positive habits:  Our actions are influenced by our conditionings through a learning process. The good news is that we can also unlearn the conditioning we no longer want. We can replace a negative habit with a positive habit over time. This is easier to write, but it takes skill, time and dedication to achieve. Therefore, I encourage you to seek help from your love ones and a professional coach to help you transform your life.

3.  Gratitude:  Thankfulness is a major key to finding and keeping your Joy and happiness.  Be grateful for what you have now while you strive toward achieving other goals.

4.  Develop meaningful relationships:  Success, joy and happiness can never be achieved alone. We need each other. When we achieve our goals, it makes us happy. We need each other to achieve our goals. Here’re The Justin’s 7 Steps to Develop Meaningful Relationships:  Step 1: Be self-aware Step 2: Be selective Step 3: Be an effective communicator Step 4: Be loving Step 5: Be friendly Step 6: Be trustworthy Step 7: Be committed.

5.  Giving:  When you give back, you open your heart to receive more blessings.   Giving is a great way to keep your happiness.  Giving offers the opportunity to grow in connections and significance.

Joy and Happiness is our choice.  We can choose it at any time.  As you master and practice the 5 tips above, you’ll be able to discover and to keep your joy and happiness!

For more tips on how to discover and keep your HAPPINESS, call 407-493-7486, post your comments below and share this blog with your loved ones!

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