How to Overcome Fear‏ and Anxiety

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We all have fear.

Fear in small doses is healthy.  It warns us of danger and keeps us in check. It helps us to show respect and honor to our parents and other authorities.

However, when fear goes unchecked for too long, a HUGE part of our emotional intelligence suffers. We get stuck. We get unhappy.  We start experiencing unhealthy anxiety.

There are seven basic fears:

1.     Fear of success and failure;

2.     Fear of poverty;

3.     Fear of criticism;

4.     Fear of sickness;

5.     Fear of losing loved ones;

6.     Fear of old age;

7.     Fear of death.

“Unchecked” fear or unhealthy anxiety is toxic to you and those around you. Fear can set you back from achieving your full potential. Fear can crush your spirit, your soul and affect your physical health.

If your spirit is weakened, then your health is weakened, your happiness is impossible and you can begin to lash out at the people around you. That’s why it’s important to discover how to overcome your fear.

Here are 5 tips to start overcoming fear and anxiety:

1.     Regularly get enough sleep;

2.     Regularly eat well-balanced meals;

3.     Exercise daily to help you feel good and maintain your health.

4.     Take slow breaths at the initial feeling of fear;

5.     Seek help and connect with loving people who can help you.

How many times have you let fear stop you from taking action to achieve greater success, joy or happiness? How many times has fear kept you from following your passion, achieving your goals, finding joy and happiness?

Imagine having all the tools, the mindset, the support, a professional life coach and the guidance you need to OVERCOME your fears!

How would it feel to know that you’re running at your optimum level and achieving extraordinary RESULTS, OVERCOMING your fears and experiencing greater success, love, joy and HAPPINESS?

You’ll be able to breathe again, have control over your life and be empowered to transform your life.

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