It’s a crying shame

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“Shame is a silent killer… Like heart disease, it is easy to ignore the problem or mislabel it as heartburn or a minor chest pain.” – Dr. Dan Allender

We’ve all experienced embarrassment at some point in our lives. Did any of these ever happen to you?

You throw up in front of an entire restaurant during dinner.
Your pants rip while bending down to tie your shoes at the gym.
You suddenly faint while kissing in a first date.
You have a female accident and you’re wearing white pants.
The heel in your right shoe breaks right before you’re called on stage.
You fart during a job interview.
Not cool! If you’re laughing, then you know exactly what I’m talking about! We’ve all experienced it and for the most part feeling embarrassed is harmless. However, this blog series is about something much more damaging than mere embarrassment. This series is about silent shame. The kind that we never talk about but almost always act upon.

The great philosopher Jean Paul Sartre called shame, “a hemorrhage of the soul.” Do you have something you’re deeply ashamed of? What would happen if that secret shame was exposed one day? What would people think of you if they ever discovered your secret? Are you living in the shadow of that shame?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you’re gonna want to stay tuned because this blog series is for you.

If you answered NO to any of those question, then you REALLY need to stay tuned because you my friend are in denial and that’s a crying shame!

So what exactly is shame?

Tune in next week for an eye opening discovery!

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Special thanks to our Guest Blogger, Dr. Lauretta Justin! Dr. Lauretta Justin is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and singer! She is the founder, President and CEO of Millennium Eye Center where she practices optometry. To contact Dr. Lauretta, visit!  

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