The Story of My Life!

James Justin Top 10

“It’s not what happened to us that break us; it’s our actions and reactions to what happened to us that make us.”

Imagine turning 16… All your friends are getting their driver’s license and beginning their path of independence, dating, etc.
So you decided to go for your license as well. You successfully passed the written test for your driving permit. Awdsome! You’re ready for the next step!
When it was time for your vision screening, you were turned away because you did not pass your vision test; and was told to go see your eye doctor.
After several visits and many tests, you received the shocking news of your life…
Stay tuned for the rest of the story. Better yet, watch the video above for the sneak peek of the story!
It’s an inspiring story of discovery, truth and overcoming even the most difficult of obstacles.