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Positive Parenting Book Cover12 Practical Tips to Prepare your Kids for Success

Are you a parent or a guardian of a child? Do you sometime feel unequipped to prepare your child to become a responsible and successful adult? Are you tired of yelling and getting nowhere? If you’re like me, you’re going to like this book!

Imagine… having the tools, tactics and support you need to raise your children effectively! How would you feel to have true family connection and preparing your children to become responsible adults!

This powerful eBook shows you how. It offers 12 practical tips to prepare your kids for success! CLICK HERE to download your copy today!

Positive dad, James Justin believes that positive parenting is about preparing our children to become responsible adults. He believes parenting advice should be more than just getting kids to listen. Positive parenting empowers their children to become responsible adults and prepares them to succeed in life!

James is married to his high school sweetheart, Lauretta; and are the proud parents of 3 incredible and very active boys – Nathan, Sean, and Joshua. James and Lauretta spend the majority of their free time focusing on “the boys” (in other words, trying to keep up with them)!!! James enjoys reading, writing and hanging out with his family and friends!

James is committed to helping create transformational growth with each and every one of his clients. He’s available to help you achieve extraordinary results. To contact him, visit CoachJamesJustin.com

Enjoy this powerful eBook! And please let us know your progress raising great kids by visiting CoachJamesJustin.com!

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