Power of Purpose

James Justin Top 10

purpose-driven-life“Your purpose is the compelling reason why you exit, why you want to do something—reason that will give you the necessary drive to follow through on your plan” (Tony Robins).

Benefits of discovering your purpose

The benefits of discovering your purpose and your passions are enormous. Here are just a few:

1. Focus- Your purpose guides your decisions, actions, and where you invest your time.

2. Fun- Doing what you love is a blast!

3. Opportunity- Discovering your purpose opens up a world of opportunity.

4. Passion- Discovering your purpose unlocks the passion that propels you forward in life.


Thousands of ‘Finding Your Purpose’ books line the shelves of bookstores, but there is none as popular as The Purpose Driven Life by mega-church pastor, Rick Warren.  So what does Pastor Warren say about purpose? “Knowing your purpose prepares you for eternity.”

Have you discovered your purpose?

Imagine having clarity and focus to fulfill your life’s calling!

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