2022 Financial Freedom Class


Discover time-tested Financial Freedom principles that will help you enjoy everyday life without the need to worry about money.


Welcome to the Justin’s Financial Freedom 101 Class!

As your financial coach, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve lasting results. I created Justin’s Financial Freedom 101 course to help people like you succeed in their personal finances. This course offers you the foundational knowledge and tools you need to get started.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what financial mistakes you have made, you can still choose to become financially free. You can choose to master your money. You can choose to make your money work hard for you instead of you working hard for it. Financial freedom is available to you and this class will give you the foundations to create it.

The class includes the following:

1. A free copy of  the “12 Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom” eBook (PDF File)

2. 4 Live sessions…

  • Change your Mindset, Change your Life
  • Identify Your Current Financial Status
  • Leveraging Debt to Build Wealth
  • How to Invest Intelligently

3. Peer Support and Q&A