7 Steps to Develop Healthy Relationships with Anyone Paperback Edition


Did you know that healthy relationships are an essential link to your success, happiness and well being? Knowing how to attract, select and nurture healthy relationships within your circle of life will enable you to utilize these relationships as an invaluable source of inspiration, support and strength. These healthy relationships will help you to achieve your goals!

In healthy relationships each member is CELEBRATED rather than TOLERATED.

This book reveals the vital seven steps you must know to attract and maintain healthy relationships with anyone in your personal and business life. If you allow the wrong people in your circle of life, it will have a negative impact on your path to continued success. This book is your key to create the healthy relationships that will unlock your dynamic potential. The steps outlined in this book are life changing. If you read this book and apply its principles, you will not only enjoy BETTER RELATIONSHIPS, you will have a BETTER LIFE!


“Our relationship is incredible thanks to James!”

Joe and Vanessa Roberts

“I'm in a better place in my life since I learned how to develop healthy relationships.  Thanks James!”

Allison Matthews

“My relationships with my employees improved as a result of reading this book. Everyone is happier in the office and we're increasing profits! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow their business.”

Michael Alexander

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