Ready to have fun in the sun?

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For people like me who live in Northern Hemisphere, the summer season is upon us.

Summer as you know is the hottest of the four seasons and the kids are home all day.

While it’s important to get out there and enjoy nature, it’s equally critical to be safe…

• Wear your sunglasses… Need a new pair of Sunglasses? Click HERE to schedule an appointment or call our office at 407-292-9812!

• Drink lots of water

• Wear sunscreen lotion as recommended by your doctor

Here are 3 activities to consider this summer:

1. Take a trip to your favorite beach with the whole family.

2. Make a family yearbook using current and old pictures.

3. Take a trip to the country if you lived in the city and via versa. This will help you reset your mind and enjoy life to the fullest.

This summer, my family will be enjoying the Florida beaches and theme parks. My second son has planned out summer activities for the whole family. He loves Disney’s and Seaworld’s theme Parks.

What you doing this summer?

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