The Power of your Words

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“My words determine my thoughts; my thoughts determine my feelings; my feelings determine my actions and my actions determine my life. If I want to change my life, I must be willing to change my thinking.” What words are you speaking to your life and to others? Your words have the power of life or death. If you Change your …

Daily Hope with James Justin

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“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life” (King Solomon).  What do you hope for this year?  One of the obstacles preventing our happiness is the uncertainty of tomorrow. One of the best ways you overcome this obstacle is to become the ‘pope of hope’ by taking actions to achieve our goals. And enlist …

The Power of your Focus

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When you have a clear focus, a winning strategy and a team, you can achieve anything. Therefore, I encourage you to stay focus on your New Year goal. Stay focus until you achieve your desired outcome. I like what Jack Canfield said on the power of focus, “Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going …

7 Tips to Hire the Right Professional Coach and Consultant

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In the sport arena, athletes have used coaches for centuries to win games. Today, you have the same access to a life coach who can help you achieve your goals. A professional coach, can give you new perspectives, tools, resources and accountability to accomplish your goals quickly and easily. Here’re 7 tips that will help you hire the right coach …

What are the benefits of professional coaching?

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The benefits of professional coaching and consulting are enormous.  Here’s what the International Coach Federation {ICF) Global Coaching Client Study shows: “most clients reported improved work performance, better business management, more efficient time management, increased team effectiveness, and more growth and opportunities. The same study found that coaching clients noted greater self-confidence, enhanced relationships, more effective communications skills, better work-and-life …

What’s the Silver Lining in the Clouds?

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Mary, one of my clients asked me to help her understand the concept of “Silver Lining in the Clouds.”  My first instinct was to share what I think. In fact, I started sharing my opinion, but I stopped and asked Mary to share with me what it means to her. This is what she said…   It is an expression …

5 Benefit of using a life coach

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What’s a life coach?  It’s a professional who inspires you and helps you maximize your personal and professional potentials.  The benefits of using a professional coach are enormous.  Here are a few benefits: Fresh perspectives on personal and professional challenges. Help you define your vision Set realistic goals Develop strategic plan Tools, Support and Accountability to help you achieve extraordinary results …

That Happiness Guy — James Justin

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In this video, Will Ezell interviewed James Justin to learn more about him, his life, his work and how he can best serve you. Post your comment and question on how James can help you transform, optimize and accelerate your life to greater success!