Scientific studies on how meditation can affect your heart and wellness

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For years, meditation and prayer fans have said that the practice keeps them healthy. But a new study, published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes in November 2012, actually tested this. For the study, 201 people with coronary heart disease were asked to either… 1. To take a health education class promoting diet and exercise. 2. Take a …

7 Benefits of Daily Affirmation

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. Affirmation is the action of declaring something into existence. It’s a form of prayer, meditation or auto-suggestion declaring that which your heart desires. In pursuing the life of your dreams, it’s important to affirm that which you want. You’ll attract that which you affirm daily and focus on consistently. Therefore, focus on what you want and not what you …


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1. Blood pressure: Stress can raise your blood pressure by temporarily constricting your blood vessels and speeding up your heart rate. This can be harmful to your health if sustained over time. 2. Food cravings: When you are under stress, you may find it harder to resist cravings for sugar or fat. You may also find yourself eating in an …

What’s the Best Form of Meditation?

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For me, sleeping is the best Form of meditation. With enough sleep, your spirit, soul and body are relaxed, rested, and ready for a new day! For the month of March, let’s continue to practice 1 Minute Meditation Daily! Research shows that meditation is a great way to reduce stress and improve wellness. Blessings! James Justin

The Abundance Life Prayer

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“Today I live in abundance in my Spirit, Soul and Body! I have abundance in my life, my Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance and Fun! I have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control and laughter! Everything and everyone I need to create this kind of abundance comes to me today in effortless ease! For it is God’s …

Abundant life

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This week, I received an email from Josh, one of my blog readers. He asked me to share a prayer that my audience can meditate on this month. As you know we are in March; and March is my Meditation Month! That’s why I invited everyone I know to meditate 1 minute per day in March. This is my way …

Why Meditate?

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“Meditation gives you an opportunity to come to know your invisible self. It allows you to empty yourself of the endless hyperactivity of your mind, and to attain calmness. It teaches you to be peaceful, to remove stress, to receive answers where confusion previously reigned.”  What benefits are you seeking from meditation and what do you meditate on?    For …

The Benebits of Meditation

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Did you know that meditation can help you reduce stress and improve your quality of life?  For many centuries, people have enjoyed the benefits of meditation. Spiritually, meditation has been a major key to connect with God and grow personally. New research revealed that meditation impacts our entire well being! Now, it’s your time to discover how to meditation effectively …