Sam Berns’ philosophy for a happy life

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“Happiness is a choice; and that choice is available to everyone.” I like this TED Talk video on Sam Berns’ happiness philosophy! Do you want a happier life? Here are 5 tips to a happier you: 1. Focus on what you can do and be okay with what you cannot do. 2. Surround yourself with loving and caring people who …

Enjoying Everyday Life!

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While it’s important to work hard and work smart; it’s critical to enjoy everyday life. Life is too precious, so enjoy it! This video is designed to encourage you to take some time off to enjoy your life! It features James Justin’s Carnival Cruise vacation in the Cayman Island on Nov 28, 2016 Enjoy! James


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1. Blood pressure: Stress can raise your blood pressure by temporarily constricting your blood vessels and speeding up your heart rate. This can be harmful to your health if sustained over time. 2. Food cravings: When you are under stress, you may find it harder to resist cravings for sugar or fat. You may also find yourself eating in an …