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3 simple tips to overcome stress

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A little stress is okay. It’s can motivate you to take action to complete an important task. However, too much stress for a long time can cause serious health problem. My doctor once told me that stress is the major cause of all problems. In the video above, Brendon Burchard shares his techniques to manage stress. I found them helpful …

10 Signs That You’re Stressed

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Wondering if you’re stressed? Watch this video! The video highlights 10 Signs that your body is stressed: 10. Skin Diseases 9. Fluctuating Weight 8. Recurrent Colds 7. Gastrointestinal Disorders 6. Difficulty Focusing 5. Hair Loss 4. Headaches 3. Low Libito 2. Problems Sleeping 1. Cardiovascular Diseases Don’t let stress holds you back from achieving your goals… Get the help you …


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1. Blood pressure: Stress can raise your blood pressure by temporarily constricting your blood vessels and speeding up your heart rate. This can be harmful to your health if sustained over time. 2. Food cravings: When you are under stress, you may find it harder to resist cravings for sugar or fat. You may also find yourself eating in an …