The 4 Essential functions of the Conscious Mind

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mindset-book-by-james-justin “Did you know that your mind receives eleven millions (11,000000) bits per second of data everyday? The more you understand how your mind works, the more you can use it to achieve your goals.”

Here are the 4 essential functions of your conscious mind:

1. It identifies incoming information. This is information received through any of the 6 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, or feeling.

2. It compares all information you receive through your senses. For example, it comparing the book you’re reading now from all other books you’ve read as stored in your subconscious Mind.

3. It analyzes all information you receive.

4. It decided what to do with the information you receive.

Your conscious mind plays a major role in your life. It’s your mental processing power. It’s responsible for your rational side.

The more you understand how your conscious mind works, the better you can use it in the process of achieving the life of your dreams.

Stay tuned for my next blog, “Your Subconscious Mind!”

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